Project ideas and notes to future self

Book List of 2017

List of books I read in 2017 and their quick summary. Rethink: The Surprising History of New Ideas - Steven Poole: Author explains how old ideas(some ancient and some forgotten) how they have applied to modern world with new consequences. Rise of the Robot - Martin... [Read More]

Book List of 2016

List of books I read in 2016 and their quick summary. Geography of Genius - Andrew Weir. Stories of great thinkers throughout the history of how their location played important role. Connectorgraphy - Parag Khanna John Adams - David McCullough. Great summary of John Adams’... [Read More]

My First Post


My very first post! I would like to fill my blogs with various open source geospatial tools and use cases.  The main reason I’m writing this blog is for my “future” self where I can go back re-read things that I usually forget after awhile.  My posts will divide into... [Read More]