Book List of 2016

List of books I read in 2016 and their quick summary.

  1. Geography of GeniusAndrew Weir. Stories of great thinkers throughout the history of how their location played important role.
  2. Connectography : Mapping the Future of Global CivilizationParag Khanna – Looking at how geography will play out the current and future politics.
  3. John Adams – David McCullough. Great summary of John Adams’ life through letters between him and his wife, Abigaile and with others. Great insights to the world he lived in during transformative period of early American history. One can peer into John Adams’ insights to life and his philosophy and how it guided and shaped to lead young republic.
  4. The Wright Brothers – David McCullough
  5. The Great Bridge – David McCullough
  6. Race Against machine – Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee. Discussion of how digital revolution is accelerating innovation and transforming employment and economy.
  7. The Second Machine Age – Erik Brynjoflosson: More in-depth with possible solutions and analysis of “Race against machine”
  8. The Men Who United the States of America – Simon Winchester. Using five elements (wood, water, wind, metal and fire) to narrate story of the US through infrastructure development and their success.
  9. Nonsense:The Power of Not Knowing – Jamie Holmes
  10. The Silo Effect – Gillian Tett. Anthropologist turned journalist who saw the dangers of our “silo information” practice in everyday lives. It can bring disaster and how to prevent them. When classification system becomes excessively rigid and silos dangerously entrenched, this can leave us blind to RISK and NEW EXCITING opportunity.
  11. Collaborative Intelligence:Thinking with People Who Think Differently – Dawna Markova. Workshop guidance with direction and insights on how different people think (auditory, visually and tactily) and process information and ways to create steps to share information and create collaborative environment between people.
  12. How We Got To Now: Six Innovations that made the modern world – Steven Johnson. Innovators who were not commonly known that played pivotal role in history.
  13. Thanks for being late – Thomas Friedman.
  14. Short History of Progress – Ronald Wright.
  15. Rejection Proof – Jin Jiang
  16. Choose Yourself – James Altucher

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