Book List of 2018

List of Books I’ve read in 2018 with summary and not

  1. The Undoing Project – Michael Lewis ( Jan, 2018) : Story of two very smart psychologist/mathematican/economistm Amos Tversky & Daniel Kahneman from Israeli academics and their friendship and their contribution to development of behavior economics and trying to better understand human nature through psychology/mathematics/economics.  Very entertaining and great back story to Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking Fast and Slow”
  2. Smartcuts – Shane Snow (June 2018)- . Tell stories amongst team members instead of facts to convince and persuade. Oxycotine produces more with story telling than fact telling. 
  3. Dream Team – Shane Snow (Aug 2018) – how to build an effective team and support to maintain it. meaning and result of being in a team where things be supported and able to grow as a person. Having intellectual humility which means having openness to experience and new ideas. When we trust someone’s intentions, it’s suddenly alright if they’re different. We can be free to dissent and disagree or correct each other, because we start from a place of “I know you don’t mean any harm to me”. 
  4. The Prophets and the Wizard – Charles Mann (Oct 2018):  Great book explainig modern environmental movement concepts but when it comes down to is this ancient ideas (from greeks and before antiquity of human history) that “Are we human part of nature with everything else or human being outside of it” Idea stem from these two contracting idea that has flown through out the history which impacted how people have organized and lived throughout the history with various results. The book talks about two figure, that have shaped modern environmental movement, WIlliam Vogt (representing Prophet) and Norman Borlaug (Wizard) who started Green revolution w/ agriculture by modified wheats with fertilizer for increase food production. Tales for these two people really shaped current environmental and policy discussion of how to move into future w/ 10 Billion population
  5. Reread : Nonsense – Jamie Holmes (Nov 2018): Great book of idea on how we don’t like to hold ambiguous ideas/situations.  It’s very difficult to hold any ambiguous idea and situations and this is due to our evolutionary situation. Like simple, black and white situations and ideas but all great problem solvers and creative thinkers all able to retain ambiguity and even embraced them.
  6. The Fifth Risk – Michael Lewis (Nov 2018) – “And so you might have good reason to pray for a tornado, whether it comes in the shape of swirling winds, or a politician. You can imagine the thing doing the damage that you would like to see done, and no more. It’s what you fail to image that kills you. “ “Kevin Concannon – I’ve always had enough. I’ve never felt the need to go over to the other side and make three times the amount of money. If you like what you do, you just keep doing it.”
  7. Life in Code – A personal history of technology by female programmer early 80’s and her journey.  – Ellen Ullman (Dec 2018)
  8. Scarcity: Why having too little means so much. Talks about how having little material resource and mental resource resulting detrimental decision making in economical and psychological situation. Complement and Helps understand behavioral economics book “Misbehaving” more.  – Sendhill Mullain athan, Eldar Shafir (Nov/Dec 2018)
  9. The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway (Dec 2018)
  10. Bering Sea Strong – Laura Hartema (Dec 2018) Memoir. King County Co-worker who worked in Alaska bearing sea during 90’s as personal journey filled w/ funny, life reflecting situations which leads to growth and deeper understanding of human nature. 
  11. My Adventures with God – Stephen Tobolowsky (Jan, 2018) – One of the supporting character from “Ground Hog Days”, sharing his story as development of actor as well as spirituality through Judaism. Contains so many funny stories and moving story especially about a friend he met at his synagogue who survived Auschwitz death camp, powerful yet very poignant story.  

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